1. The manual is not in English

You can contact the manufacturer’s website support section.

2. I want to update the system or install applications

Always update the system on your device using the official tool provided by the manufacturer, which is usually called “PC Sync” or “PC Suite”. This action solves many of the most common software problems. Here you have a list of the update centers of the top market brands. If you install applications, make sure they are compatible with your mobile phone and always download them from official centers like Google Play (Android)Windows Phone Store or Ovi Store (Symbian).

3. I have a technical question regarding the device

If you have not solved it after reading the manual, contact the manufacturer’s Customer Services by email, telephone or through its website.

4. Z and Y keyboard buttons are switched

You have a qwertz keyboard instead of a qwerty one. The only difference between the two is that the position of the letters Z and Y are switched because the manufacturer considers that it is more convenient for writing on smartphones through the physical keyboard.

5. When I turn on the mobile phone an operator logo appears

It is an operator SIM-free phone. This means that it is an origin SIM-free device (that has not been unlocked a posteriori), but has the operator’s logo and, possibly, some extra application or configuration. Less than 5% of the phones we sell are operator SIM-free phones.

6. When will I receive my order?

It depends on the shipping method and the destination of the package. Please take into account that if the device is not In Stock from our current suppliers, we will try to find the product from our partners and shipping will depend on how long will takes to send us. Delivery terms are counted from the next working day on which payment into our account is confirmed. For security reasons, some orders can be confirmed by telephone and shipment may not be made until verification is made.

7. I haven’t received the tracking number

DHL Express courier send you your tracking number by email or you can ask us for it if you have not received after our shipping notification.

8. The phone does not switch on

Mobile phones usually are switched on and off by pressing the red hang-up button for 3 seconds. Some models have a button especially designed for switching the phone on and off. Make sure the battery has been inserted properly.

9. For dual SIM mobile phones, what must I do to switch the SIM card?

Nothing. Dual mobile phones work with two cards at the same time and allow you to choose which SIM card to use to call or send an SMS at all times. When you receive a call, the phone tells you to which card it is being sent.

10. Do I need a password to restore factory configuration?

Devices with Android or Windows systems do not require any password to be entered. For Mediatek systems, the password is usually 1122, 8888 or 1111. For Symbian systems, the password is usually *#7780# (soft reset) and then enter 12345 or the password *#7370# (hard reset) and then the combination 12345. In any case, consult the instructions manual of each device.

11. The battery doesn’t last very long

All lithium batteries require successive charging processes until they reach their maximum capacity. Charge it for 12 hours consecutively with the mobile off, checking that the process is not interrupted. Repeat the operation for 5 consecutive days. You must bear in mind that lithium batteries lose their capacity with use and over time. We recommend you activate the power saving options such as screen switch off after 5 seconds, disable key vibration or lower the screen brightness. If you have the WiFi, data connection, Bluetooth or audio or video player constantly on the battery life will be substantially reduced.

12. I want to configure internet on the phone

With the latest versions of Android, Windows and Symbian, the phone automatically detects the data connection. If this is not the case, contact your mobile phone operator to find out the parameters you need to insert.

13. The data connection doesn’t work

Make sure you have signed up for and enabled a data fee and have sufficient coverage. When configuring the device, check you have not confused the 3G connection data with 2.5G or GPRS/EDGE, which are different. Take into account that the WiFi connection and data are incompatible on some models, so you will have to disconnect the WiFi and even restart the phone so that your SIM data may work.

14. What’s the difference between a SIM-free mobile phone and an unlocked one?

All mobile phones are factory SIM-free (or origin SIM-free) and take SIM cards of any operator in the world. An unlocked mobile phone has been locked by the operator so it will only work with its cards and, later, it has been unlocked so that it will accept all cards.

15. The box is not sealed

If there is a sealing sticker on the box or not depends on the manufacturer. All devices are delivered to us with their original boxes and packaging and we do not open or manipulate them before sending you them, unless expressly requested to do so by the customer. In any case, buy2say.com guarantees the authenticity and originality of all its products.

16. Where do the products come from?

In our constant search for finding the best prices and best quality, we work with wholesalers and manufacturers in Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, USA and China, among other countries.

17. I can’t pay by card

We use PayPal, Stripe and Bank Transfer payment option. Payment gateways accepts all European credit and debit cards, and most international ones. You must have enabled the e-commerce option (ask your bank). The Server will ask you for your card details, its expiry date and the three-digit security code on the back. After entering them, the system will contact your bank, which will ask you for a second password. It is usually sent by SMS when confirming the purchase or they will have been previously provided. You can pay by card through PayPal without having an account with them. Usually its payment gateway does not ask for the second verification code.

18. How long does a mobile phone repair take?

Technical Services usually take less than one week if it is a software problem. In the case of a hardware one, it can take any time from one to three weeks depending on if there are parts to be replaced and if they have them available. It is important to note that manufacturers and technical service centers have a maximum legal margin of three months.

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