Terms and conditions

of the online store buy2say.com.

By using the website, you are deemed to accept and agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

These TERMS AND CONDITIONS govern the relationship between ROSTI Ltd and the Users of the electronic pages and services located on the domain buy2say.com and using the information and commercial services offered by the company.

ROSTI Ltd. is a company registered in the Republic of Bulgaria, with its registered office and management address 193, G. S. Rackovski str., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria UIC 121836124, contact telephone +359 8888 09 679, email: info@buy2say.com.

1. Conditions for orders through the online store of ROSTI Ltd.

Ordering a specific product is done after requesting it through the online shop (buy2say.com) of ROSTI Ltd. An automatic reply to the User's e-mail about the received order or inquiry follows.

It is possible to receive a call from an employee of "ROSTI" Ltd. for further confirmation and clarification of all details regarding delivery, paperwork and additional services related to the order.

Orders placed on the website before 14.00 during working hours are processed and executed the same day, orders placed after this hour or on weekends are processed on the first working day in the order of receipt.

The price quoted for each item includes Value Added Tax (VAT) and is in Euro, Bulgarian Leva or the currency of your choice per item.

The user specifies the main parameters of the desired goods according to the options provided and the type of goods (model, color, number, etc.).

When ordering, the User must indicate his contacts through which it is possible to establish feedback from our side.

The provision of false data renders the order invalid and it does not bind ROSTI Ltd. to the obligation of delivery.

ROSTI Ltd shall be entitled to make changes to the published products, services, prices and other characteristics of the goods at any time and without notice, and Users shall be deemed to be informed of said changes from the date of publication.

The information on some of the published products may not be updated, but in any case Users will be notified in the event of an order being placed.

Some of the information published on the Site may relate to products, services or programs that are not currently available or offered.

ROSTI Ltd may change the prices set out on the Site at its sole discretion, at any time and without any obligation to notify Users in advance.

The User is obliged to pay the price that was indicated on the Site at the time the order was placed, whether lower or higher than the updated price.

2. Conditions of return and exercise of the right of withdrawal

2.1 The user has the right to cancel this contract, without giving reasons, within 14 calendar days.

The cancellation period is 14 calendar days from the date on which the User has received the goods by courier.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, a form (Return of Products) must be completed no later than 14 calendar days from the date of delivery.

2.2 A purchased product shall only be returned complete and if all boxes/packaging are original and their integrity is not damaged.

Products that are visibly used are not refundable.

In the event that the returned product has damaged packaging, signs of use, scratches, knocks, products damaged by electric shocks, missing accessories ROSTI Ltd reserves the right to decide whether to accept the product and under what conditions, with or without deduction of an amount to reimburse the damage caused to the product.

The User will be notified of ROSTI Ltd's decision after the inspection and examination of the product upon its arrival at the company's warehouse.

2.3 Refunds are made in the following ways:

When the order is placed and paid by bank transfer. Refund to the customer is made by bank transfer to a nominated bank account by the customer within 14 working days.

When an order is placed and paid by credit or debit card. The refund to the customer is made by ordering a chargeback on the card used to make the payment within 5 working days.

3. Guarantee conditions

ROSTI Ltd provides a 24 month warranty on all products where this is applicable. For warranties longer than 24 months, it is mandatory that the product is registered on the manufacturer's website for the warranty to be extended.

During the 24 month warranty period ROSTI Ltd will undertake to service any urgent warranty repairs to the product. After this period, the product warranty is serviced by the manufacturer, with the User communicating and claiming directly to the product manufacturer.

The warranty period starts from the date of sale and applies in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union countries.

Warranty goods are serviced as such only upon presentation of the original warranty card by the User in whose name it is issued or a payment document - invoice and receipt from the courier (DHL Express).

If the claim is made by courier, copies of the above documents, a brief description of the problem, telephone number and contact email shall be attached.

If sent by courier, the Goods are returned complete and in packaging to ensure safe transport and the parcel is insured.

When the Service Department determines after examination and test of the product that the claim is justified, ROSTI Ltd. undertakes to repair, replace with a new /analogous/ product within one month from the date of acceptance.

When the same product is not currently available or is discontinued, the following options are possible:

  • The product is replaced with one from another manufacturer, but with similar parameters to those of the product under complaint.

  • The product is replaced by one from the same manufacturer that replaces the discontinued or unavailable product.

  • The product shall be valued at the current list price or market value and the customer shall be given the option of obtaining another product for that amount, paying extra for the product of his choice or receiving a refund of the relevant amount.

Notwithstanding the commercial guarantee, the Seller shall be liable for the conformity of the consumer goods with the contract of sale pursuant to Articles 112 - 115, 119 of the Consumer Protection Act.

If the repair shop determines that the returned product is without defect or the non-conformity described by the customer is due to improper software setup, the repair shop may charge the customer for a service test of the product according to the price list of the repair shop.

The warranty is terminated in the following cases and claims for damage caused by:

  • Poor transportation;

  • Improper storage;

  • Negligence, including improper installation and operation /including damaged sockets, jacks, plugs, etc.;

  • Faults caused by large fluctuations in the mains supply;

  • Natural disasters, contaminated environment, insects or liquids;

  • Mechanical housing damage, deformations, dropping, impact, fractures;

  • Use of non-original adapters, power supplies and accessories;

  • Weakening battery capacity;

  • Damage caused by high humidity, vibration or poor cooling;

  • Attempts by unauthorized persons to repair the damage;

ROSTI Ltd. is not responsible for the use of unlicensed software, unauthorized modifications to embedded software, or the presence of viruses.

All disputed matters not mentioned in these Terms and Conditions shall be dealt with in accordance with the CPL, the CET and the Commercial Law.

Questions, inquiries and consultations of the User can be made online via email: info@buy2say.com, via the contact and inquiry form on the website or by phone: +359 8888 09 679, during business hours: from 10:00 to 16:00, Monday to Friday.

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